Friday, January 20, 2012

Amway IBOs Miss The Obvious?

It is my feeling that most IBOs and prospects are likely nice people, motivated to want more out of life, and willing to do some work. Sadly for most, their experience in Amway is making nothing or losing money, likely because of the tools and functions that are promoted by the upline. I applaud IBOs and prospects for being willing to do something to make more money for their families, but all too many IBOs and prospects simply miss the obvious red flags and get sucked into a system where they cannot win.
I was an IBO at one time. I had ambitions and dreams, many of which I accomplished after leaving Amway.

Let me explain. If you buy some lottery tickets, you do so hoping to win but you know realistically that your chances of of winning the big jackpot or some significant prize is slim to none. While Amway isn't a game of chance, your chance of success is very slim. We know that many IBOs sign up and do nothing. We know that many IBOs may try but end up quitting very soon after starting. We know that few IBOs ever last more than a few years. Knowing that, you can assess that long term sustainable success in Amway is difficult at best.

But it's obvious to those in the know when you see the "plan". If you see one person become a platinum with 78 downline (in the common 6-4-2 plna), and you know that many do nothing or do a little and quit, then you know that you need to have maybe 200 IBOs go thru your business to become a platinum, and who knows how hard it will be to maintain that level. My former sponsor was a platinum but never hit Q12 and often fell below 7500 PV. Last I heard, he was 2500 PV after nearly 20 years in the business. Factoring in tools and business expenses, I believe the net losses of my former sponsor is staggering. And my former sponsor was able to personally sponsor over 100 downline.

The next obvious thing that IBOs and prospects miss is the functions. If you've been around or attended functions, you'll likely see an audience of thousands with one or a couple of speakers. That will probably never change. ANd if you can assess that situation, you can see that only 1 in thousands will ever reach thet coveted diamond level.

While Amway apologists claim that many people sign up to get products and to make a few dollars a month, I think that is total BS. Have any of you ever seen a presentation where your option was a buyers club membership
or where you make a $100 a month? I saw yachts and mansions and talk about the diamond being financially free (a myth). To those who see thru the deception, the reality is obvious. It's just a matter of whether you see it or not.


Anonymous said...

Normal people that have real dreams and goals join Amway to achieve those things, but only if they heard about amway for the first time. Then they realize the real truth about scamway, so they either do nothing or quit. That is what separates normal people from IBO rats. IBO rats are blind or just passive about this scam. They have no spine to question their uplines, they are slime balls to accept they are ripping people off with their products, and they have the nerve to call themselves business owners. One IBO shithead tried to give me advice on how to run a business, yet they have no business plans, or have no idea in registering their people scamming business. They refer to the BWW or whatever its call as a "crash course in business" or "unofficial Masters in Business". More like crashing and burning other peoples lives. IBOs are RATS

Anonymous said...

And you are what? A critic? Have you heard of the Better Business Bureau maybe?

Anonymous said...

the BBB don't mean nuttin'!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon Jan 23/ Shithead IBO RAT,
I am normal enough to realize the Amway is successful because Amway is able to sell their high priced, low quality products to a closed market. They lure people by selling the opportunity to get rich by buying their products, recruit other people to buy also and get a small percent back. Amway relies on cult organizations like BWW to motivate people in buying their products. Go to your local store and compare the prices, and you will find competitive products (which do a real good job than your shitty products) 60% cheaper(considering Amway Retail) or 35% cheaper (Amway Wholesale). If Amway starts selling in the open market, it will crash and burn within a few month. Why buy expensive products that brings about sub-par results (if any). In the perfectly competitive market, the invisible hand will force Amway products to the same price levels as other products. That would be unacceptable to the Devos and the other shithead because then they wont be able to buy fuel for their jet. That is why Amway relies on IBO rats to keep their products in a closed market.
And dont use that direct selling defense because the definition told by your upline is total BS. They dont know what direct selling is and so dont you. And play your "business" CD to a group of real business owners in a seminar and they will laugh at you for your silliness. You will also get pity for spending money to hear the same generic message in different voices. And if your books are filled with valuable information, why isnt it recommended at REAL business start up seminars, or business classes in college or in required materials in business schools or Grad Schools. Unofficial Masters in Business my ass. It is a tool that pulls money out of your savings account and put money in your Diamonds checking account.
BBB is a alerting agency that handle customer complaints. It does NOT regulate businesses. Companies pay to become a member to use their logo. Companies can become a member tomorrow and still continue their corrupt business practices.
Stop wasting your time in the internet and go back to stalking people in Malls.
A REAL Normal Business Owner.
(PS Anon, how do you like being called a RAT, infuriating isnt it. As long as you call others Dream Stealers, laugh at your co-workers, bash jobs at your cult meetings and defend Amway; you will be a lying, cheating, shit eating, piss drinking, crap coming out of your mouth SCamway IBO RAT.)

Anonymous said...


**proud Amway hater**

Anonymous said...

Watch "The Joneses"