Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Upline Really Wants Me To Succeed?

One of the biggest loads of guano that upline diamonds often tell their groups is that they really want success for their downline IBOs. The obvious to me is that your upline diamond doesn't give a rat's ass about your success as long as you are buying tools and attendin functions. Your dedication is money in the bank for the upline diamonds. They will tell you that you are a warrior or a fighter to make you feel good, but behimd the scenes they could care less.

Now I believe your sponsor probably does care about you succeeding, but technically, your sponsor is supposed to train and motivate you free of cost, which is why your sponsor can benefit if you purchase or move enough volume. The problem with this is that your sponsor is also very likely to be immersed in the tools system which takes away income from his/her business to feed the upline diamond.

If you take a close notice, you will see that the advice given from stage at functions o big meetings are so generic that it usually does not apply to you as a person and if so generic, then you can get that same advice on an MP3 or a cd. Yet, the diamonds expect IBOs to attend major functions every three months. I suppose to supplement their Amway income. These diamonds are not mentors. They don't analyze individual businesses and your personal skills. How can they guide you in this type of business without knowing these details? They can't.

Think about it. Your upline wants your success or do they want your money? Practically anytime you receive "help", it costs you. Open meetings, attitude sessions, functions. Every one of these has a cost of time and money with no direct cause and effect of people succeeding and receiving the mythical residual income. If your upline says this, ask how they can assure that it happens, aside from a dedication to functions and cds?

Food for thought. If you actually went diamond, your leaders would get less tool money. Do they really want your success or are they just saying it?


Anna Banana said...

Our upline didn't want us to succeed. They only wanted our money all the while preaching about how people are in the Amway business to "help" or "bless" others.

David said...

Anna: That was a very profound thing to say to yourself...LOL!