Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just The Facts About Amway IBOs?

So many people get duped into thinking that they will somehow get wealthy by becoming an Amway IBO. Many recruiters will tell stories about how they were once broke, but signed up, endured challenges and now they are diamonds enjoying untold wealth and luxuries. People get caught up in "dreams" and are often encouraged to ignore the facts. People running businesses should pay close attention to the facts because it tells you much about your business and your likelihood of success. But what are some facts about the Amway business that many people don't know about? I have outlined a few important ones for those who harbor dreams of going diamond.

1. The average diamond, according to Amway, earns less than $150,000 a year. Yes, some of this may be supplemented with money from the sale of tools, but after taxes and business expenses such as travel to and from the many functions that a diamond attends would leave a diamond living an ordinary middle class lifestyle, not one with mansions and sports cars as portrayed in many functions or meetings. Yes, a Q12 diamond would have more earnings, but a Q12 diamond is the exception, and not the rule.

2. Most IBOs are NEVER able to sponsor a single downline. Pretty hard to develop six (6) downline platinums when most people cannot sponsor anyone.

3. Most Amway products are purchased by IBOs and not sold to customers. Name a real business that sustains itself by having it's own workers or salesforce purchase most of the goods. MLM is probably the only business where this occurs. Understandably, it explains why 99%+ Amwayers lose money.

4. For most IBOs, the cost of functions, standing orders and other support materials represent the reason why most business building IBOs lose money and it also represents a significant profit for some of the diamonds who sell the materials.

5. Not working hard is not necessarily the reason for someone's failure. But conversely, working hard does not equate success in Amway. I would guess that out of those who work hard, it is still a fraction of 1% of hard working IBOs that even attain a significant profit. Doing nothing won't get you anywhere, but in this business, working hard often gets you nowhere as well. It is my informed opinion that the cost of the support materials is the direct reason why so many IBOs lose money, even out of those who work very hard.

I could go on and on, but these are a handful of facts that IBOs and information seekers should be aware of. I welcome differing thoughts and opinions.


Anonymous said...

Joe, the fact is that you are a bitter loser with no guts and you just want to bellyache about why you failed in Amway. Why don't you pick yourself up, dust off your boots and move onto another subject? Your whining is getting old.

Joecool said...

Wow, anon from Canada, why do you keep saying I'm bitter? I'm not bitter or a loser. I've moved onto bigger and better things but I feel the need to help others avoid teh same problems I had as an IBO. You see, the same leaders are still up to their same shenanigans now that they did when I was an IBO so I feel compelled to warn others. Why is that a problem?

Anonymous said...

Those who criticize Amway are lazy losers who didn't work their business? Gee, never heard THAT one before! Do you call the 95% of people who lose their money gambling in slot machines lazy losers? No, because everyone knows the odds are against you by design. MLMs are exactly the same (actually they are worse, with a loss rate of 99%). Lotteries are games for people bad at math, MLMs are businesses for people bad at math.

Anonymous said...

Joecool is doing this to keep people away from IBO rats like you, Anon Jan 18.
@Anon Jan 18, go listen to your CDs. You are so stupid that you do not realize you are listening to the same message repeated over and over again, and you are paying for it. Seems like you are the real loser. You sound like a frustrated IBO who is not making the big money as you think your uplines are making (highly doubt it).

Anonymous said...

Isn't this business supposed to be about positive and motivation? Why are you guys getting down on JoeCool? Everyone is entitled to your own opinion and I am pretty sure your uplines would not be too thrilled your catty attitudes. If really were proud of your business you would be positive about it and not trying to defend it which is what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

anon @jan 18 can suck it!

**proud Amway hater**