Friday, January 13, 2012

IBOFB In Denial About Amway?

Recent comment from the Unhappy Franchisee Blog:

■DoAsISay on January 12th, 2012 8:01 pm

Thanks for the reply Joecool. I realize from previous posts that IBOFB is in denial about Amway and its credibility as a company. I also can conclude that he may also have some mental issues from the brainwashing he has received over the years of being around ambots. It really is a shame that this sort of business practice can go on so long without being shut down. I have read where the MLM businesses have been sued for being deemed illegal and the only ones to survive though it all were the ones who had millions of dollars or more and highly paid attorney’s fighting against it. The reason these so called leaders teach you not to go on the internet to research Amway yourself is so you don’t find out that you will soon be brainwashed into thinking, talking, acting and eating like all of them and not even realize it. My upline suggested that we eat the food from our business and that’s it. He said to eat 2-3 bars a day and drink 2 drinks from the business. First of all, I only drink water from a faucet which cost me next to nothing. Second, I don’t think it is very healthy to just eat bars with no real food entering your body. Your body needs the nutrients from real fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, and grains. Something that isn’t going to be supplied by only eating bars. The last thing I want to say about there sub-par products is that whoever pays $45+ for a case of “perfect” water needs some serious help. There is nothing special about that water expect the people who drink it. IBOFB, you want to know how to make more money than you did/do selling Amway? Take your empty perfect water bottles and fill them up with water from a water source, examples could be: faucet, a local stream, or even the next time it rains. This next part is tricky. Tear the label off your bottles and replace with your brand and give it a clever name like “healing water”. I know that wasn’t that clever that’s why your going to make the millions. Sell your water at $40/case because you got to be lower than the competition if you want to sell your product because you and I both know that people are price sensitive and will “usually” buy the cheaper yet comparable product over the other. You are set for life! You now “never have to worry about a dollar bill again”. O yeah, one more thing, that is all just “my opinion”. One thing I learned from the business is that if you put “in my opinion” before or after any statement you make, it’s ok to lie or stretch the truth.

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