Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How To Maximize Your Earnings In Amway?

How to maximize your earnings in Amway? Simple, get your downline to attend more functions. Functions that you run and profit from! If your downline attends the same function twice, you earn twice as much! Even better, get your downline to make it his own idea! Our friend Shaun has been taken hook line and sinker.


Wait wait wait, did you say Dream Nights as in plural? More than one? That can’t be, how can you possibly go to more than one Dream Night? My upline must be forcing me or cohering me into attending more than one and after all it’s just the same thing each night. Just who does World Wide Group think they are having these multiple Dream Nights, two in Edmonton and one in Calgary, and others across Canada. But wait, there’s more! A Dream Night in Saskatoon?? What? Growth in another province? It must be all those Edmonton people driving 6 1/4 hours, 525 KM’s just to make that dream night happen earlier this week. So does that mean people are attending 4 different dream nights? When does it end? Will the excitement ever stop? I better contact Amway, World Wide Group, The Police, FTC, Alert the presses cause this is just madness.

No it’s not, it’s called growth and I have a confession to make, I attended or will be attending two Dream Nights this week. Yup, it’s true. Out of our own free will without any cohesion, guilt, pressure, etc… we attended last night and will be attending tonight. Both nights, different venue’s and different speakers, in fact because of growth they’ve had to move one of the nights to the Shaw Conference Centre. If there wasn’t growth in this area that would seem like overkill or a waste of money to put it up there don’t you think? To be honest I don’t know how many people are attending each event as I’m not function hosting and who’s going to more than one, quite frankly I don’t care. I care about my wife and our business only.


rocket said...

I'm still trying to figure out how 6 1/4 hours is 525 km. You can do 525 km is less than 5 hours easy.

If WWDB had that much integrity, they would do it all at a large enough venue so that everyone could save their money. Mind you, that means only charging 1 time, not up to 4.

What a scam! LOL. A fool and his money.....

Anonymous said...

There was a Brad Duncan event that cost a $10 cover charge to see, for a guy who claims to be a multi millionaire why would you have to pay a cover charge to see him at a convention center that he could have easily rented out for the couple hours he spoke that night.

I find it disturbing at the events in the PNW where these people insult and condescend to you saying that they want what is in your best interest. My fiance is hooked into this, and I lost a relationship years back because a girlfriend got into MONA VIE. I'm not sure what to do.

The people in this business that are under Brad Duncan are real sheep, and oddly enough they all have the same story... they started in montana and looked for opportunity and mentorship, moved to the seattle area, and now they are almost retired. I get sick of these plans, they all have the same story, and teach nothing new or nothing that any person in sales doesn't already know.

As for the source material, Robert Kiyosaki never actually had a "Rich Dad" mentor, and he had two failed businesses before writing a book on success... because he got partnered with Amway.

Joecool said...

That's right. A guy who supposedly is so rich has to charge his downline for any "help" they receive. The upline "say" they have your best interest but they soak you for every penny.

IMO, Kiyosaki is a big scam too. I wonder if he's actually made any money using the advice he gives out?

Anonymous said...

True but I still am concerned for my own relationship, because they are turning my fiance into a ambot lifestyle, she said to me if I am not on "her level she doesn't know if we'll last"

The last conversation about her involvement she said her priorities go as this."First is God, then the business (Amway WWDB), then everything else, like family"

I don't mind God being number one in her life, for I believe too, regardless of creed, to put WWDB above family and friends and the people that no matter what would always support you... well quite frankly I am having a cognitive disconnect of how someone can do that.

Joecool said...

If God is first, does she skip church to attend Amway meetings/functions? If God is first, does he tithe to the church or is her money going to WWDB by purchasing function tickets and tools? Some Amway members get cognitive dissonance when the are involved with Amway. And why would family have less priority than WWDB? That makes no sense at all.

Sadly, there's not much you can do unless she snaps out of it. You can try to be supportive and hope she finally sees through the lies. I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty much true that she does want to put money for functions than tithe at church. She was excited that this year on my birthday weekend is the event FED and wanted me to buy tickets and go "as a thing for my birthday." I made it very clear I rather not listen to people's life stories for a whole weekend... my weekend... and call it some sort of training where you learn nothing.

Joecool said...

Isn't it odd that the Amway leaders teach God fist but they have no problem not tithing as long as you attend their functions?

Anonymous said...

I went to one of their "board plans" and the guy speaking said he will tithe at his church when the pastor stops asking for offering... in the bible it says to tithe, and to make a statement like that you have shown that you are a person that does not care about the well being of others by not tithing.

Ambots are selfish with their money is what it makes me think, because I know that offerings don't just go to pay a pastor, no, it is for the poor, the missionaries, clothing the needy, feeding the hungry. It's sad to me that if he's claiming that he is that successful that he would have to hoard his gains.

Can you explain to me why every plan or nuts and bolts that they do they never...ever, clearly explain how the pay scale works?

Joecool said...

They say God is #1, but when it comes to money, Amway is #1. The uplines want to monitor your cash flow to make sure you can move PV and buy tools.