Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back To The Future - Amway and WWDB?

I am still following the blog of a current WWDB IBO. The things he writes about indicates that the exact same teaching exists now, that existed back in the 1990's when I was an IBO. This is despite the fact that Amway implmented an accreditation of the AMOs (tool selleers) and despite claims from Amway and WWDB appologists who claim that things have changed for the better. Below is a list of excerpts from the blog that make it evident to me that WWDB and Amway are basically the same now as they were 13-14 years ago:

On another note, I highly doubt someone like John Maxwell would put his integrity and reputation at risk by associating with World Wide Dreambuilders, you know considering he’s the worlds greatest teacher on Leadership. But what does John know eh?

I look at the motivational and teaching conferences that World Wide Group puts on and I get excited when tickets go on sale. I get excited because I love the association and atmosphere of the whole event.

Either way I see training, conferences, motivation the same if it’s my day time job, or my part time business. I know I get more value out of WWDB events as they help move our business forward and help motivate us for the next three months. We need motivation, every one does, so what’s so wrong with that? Many people make some good money with motivational speaking and I’ll gladly pay for that if it gets me moving.

Looking forward to the future we are pumped to hit Double Eagle Ruby late next year at which time I’ll be stepping away from my job so that I never have to work for another man’s dream and give my 1st best to them. I know that we will work hard at this so that my kids will always have me at home when they need me and not have to wait for me to come home from work. I look forward to the days that we can take our kids out to the ski hill during the week day and not the weekend when it’s jam packed.

One thing I really love about being on the board or plugging guests into other plans is the atmosphere people have. I absolutely love walking into someones house where they have a dreamboard or goals written all over the place. These are people that are moving on. I’ve posted this before where if you want to achieve your dreams and goals then WRITE IT DOWN.

Our free time is slowly dwindling as our employers demand more and more of this time at the least amount they can pay us. Its sad what our society has become.
This is part of the reason why my wife and I build this business. I no longer want to be on call or be tied to my blackberry for work.
We will be attending Moving Up right before Family Reunion which we are pumped for. Moving Up is a leadership incentive for achieving Double Eagle or 7500 PV.

So we will be renting here in Edmonton for the next 2-3 years and then move out to Kelowna where we have been wanting to raise our family. As we move out there we will rent for a few more years, get an idea of where we want to build or buy a place and build it in cash. Mock me, say it won’t happen, say I’m crazy, but I will do it. The more you say I cannot do it, the more it will just fuel my fire to do it. So bring it on

This weekend we started planning for my wife’s freedom day. What is “Freedom Day” ? Freedom Day is the day that she gets the choice of working or not. Sure she could continue to work, have some other man control when she can have lunch, when she has to show up to work, how late to stay… OR, she can choose not go to work anymore and decide to wake up when she wants and pretty much do whatever she wants with her day.

A healthy business always has its ups and downs and World Wide Dreambuilders is on the rise again. Mark my words there will be people from our area and other areas going into Diamond Qualification. The people on the outside who are no longer building this business have no idea.

I think the biggest thing I took away from last night was to not let anyone steal your dream. What does that mean? Means no matter what kind of dream or goal you have set for your life don’t let someone tell you that you can’t. ‘Can’t’ is a negative/broke person’s word. ‘Can’t’ is for the weak minded people that just use excuses for their failures and they try to bring you down by telling you that you cannot do something.

Another thing more related to our business is that every business has negative stuff about it, someone is always willing to write something about anything. Check out one of the largest companies in the world, Wallmart, and do a quick search on Google about how many law suits they’ve had. All successful companies have this and Amway Global isn’t the first OR the last.

It was due to the fact my attitude and mentality has shifted from being a career focused person to an entrepreneur focused person building a business that will eventually let me walk away from my job so I can focus on other things such as my family and wife.

These guys have stepped away from their full time jobs because of this business we are in and my wife and I will also be doing the same in a very short time with hard work, determination and persistency and consistency! There is no option of failure and no option of turning back… there is only… FREEDOM!

How many times have you heard someone say “I Love My Job”? Probably a lot. You know what though, this is the biggest lie. Why? Well do you love your job more than spending time with your family? Do you love your job more than spending time with your wife? Do you love your job more than travelling to different places around the world? If you said yes, you need to get your head checked.

Wouldn’t you rather work your tail off for 2-3 years so that you can have the rest of your life to yourself so you do not have to trade time for money? Think about it.


Anonymous said...

i did. i'd rather work my entire life and enjoy my job. so thanks!

Anonymous said...

No option of failure or turning back? How about the option of never making any money and eventually dying from old age, not getting to enjoy the time you HAD with your real life friends and family. How about the fact that your financially supporting your uplines dream. Having a job isn't broke mentality, Amway is broke mentality!...Good post Joecool, It is clear that Amway is/was the same and uses the same cult tactics to "build the dream", where the dream eventually becomes a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

How to brainwash people? Repeat the same messages over and over again. Constant promising of the good life that is going to follow. Cut off from the real world, ie dont talk to crosslines or the "dream thiefs" Ask before doing something from your upline. Some IBOs have been brainwashed so much that they become downright creepy. Amway is a cult and will always be one.

Anonymous said...

I love Amway!

Anonymous said...


**proud Amway hater**

Anonymous said...

This is crazy. There are a few people that make money, thats it. eventually the money runs out. I was being chased by a "dream builder" once I decided not to move along with the system our "friendship" ended. Some friend.

Anonymous said...

truth, truth, wonderful truth....

Anonymous said...

Its 2014. Now tell me. Truthfully. Where have you landed with your pyramid scheme?

Anonymous said...

So basically you work for your upline to help make their commission. That is why they work so hard to keep you in. Truly being free means not having to work to keep people in your downline, and not having to give presentations every week.

Joecool said...

Yes, there's no freedom. You trade in your 9-5 job for your Amway job. Diamonds are not as wealthy as they appear to be.

Anonymous said...


Proud Amway Distributor said...

I Love Amway and Worldwide dream builders. I have found that people who have had bad experiences generally are unwilling to grow, or their mentorship was lacking. this is a fabulous business. it almost hit 12 billion in global sales this last year and is growing. it gives inspiration and hope to people in over 100 countries and growing.
This business does take effort, its simple but not easy. Amway will continue to grow, along with worldwide dreambuilders.
I personally dont hate or dislike anyone who chooses a different occupation. I'll still love you just the same. this, like all other things are a choice. And honestly Amway is a fabulous business to be apart of. Amway is also partnered up with mircosoft, apple stores, REI, forever 21, AT&T, best buy, express, just to name a few.
its all a frame of mind and perspective.
The bottom line, if I have to convince anyone that this business is for them, they are not qualified. I personally dont offer partnership to anyone whom doesnt understand the entrepreneurial mindset when going through the qualification process.

And if you dont like Amway thats ok, but you should really cheer your friends on that have launch their own company. because if you were any kind of real friend, you support them in any endevor they choose. wouldnt you want the same?
Have a great day! and Good luck on your rubyship. I know you will hit Diamond and teach others to do the same.
Christopher Welsh

Joecool said...

Hi Christopher,

I was in Amway and WWDB. Did you know Amway also used to partner with Enron and MCI Worldcom?

I did everything my mentors advised but my business still was not profitable. I later learned that my upline (WWDB) told a lot of lies that hurt many people financially. Funny thing is my former uplines are the people you are in business with now.