Thursday, March 19, 2020

Amway And Covid 19?

I recently went to my doctor for a routine check up.  He told me basically that the corona virus is just thus years version of influenza or the flu.  But because the media has sensationalized it, it has become a disaster fir people and world wide economies.  I don’t believe that covid 19 is any worse than the swine flu that we had sone years back.  Joecool has used the opportunity to purchase great stocks at low prices.

But how will this affect IBOS?   They mostly do business person to person which might become challenging with social distancing being practiced.  Also, how will the uplines line their pockets without the ability to have large meetings and conventions.  Not that I feel sorry fir the crooked upline but I wonder what pitch is being used to extract cash from downline without the ability to hold functions?   How will IBOS recruit without the ability to sit down fir coffee?  At least in Hawaii, restaurants and places like Star Bucks only have take out options.

Now to be honest I don’t wNt people’s jobs to be affected so I have been eating out daily to support local business.  I don’t want IBOS to have their employment affected but I hope that upline doesn’t push some shameless s am to extract cash from their down line due to the covid 19 restrictions.  If anyone knows of any hair brained schemes by upline, let me know so I can investigate and possibly publish an article about it here.

Stay safe and I hope this mess gets sorted out soon!  


Anonymous said...

LTD is having a convention in a couple weeks in SC, but because of COVID-19, they are webcasting it. However, people still have to pay the same price for a webcast ticket. I cannot believe people still fall for this Amway nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Man, this really proves that the stupid functions are designed solely to provide cash to the Diamonds. It costs practically NOTHING to produce a webcast event! Since the big pins don't have to rent a hall or provide hotel rooms or meals, the money that stupid IBOs pay for these "webcasts" will go TOTALLY and DIRECTLY into the pockets of greedy Diamonds.

I always knew you had to be stupid to be in Amway. But now it's clear to that you also have to a goddamned jackass.

Anonymous said...

This proves that the "functions" are just a way for big pins and Diamonds to collect cash. It costs next to NOTHING to produce a webcast. But sure enough, LTD is charging those who sign up for it a big fee.

And since LTD no longer has to pay for a convention hall, or booked hotel rooms, or meals, they get to keep all of the fees without losing a dime.

Anonymous said...

And even if you are a husband and wife who will watch it from the same computer/device, they still expect you to go by the "honor code" and buy two tickets. One ticket per person even if there are two or more folks watching together. Such a rip off. I don't know how these ridiculously dishonest and greedy people can live with themselves.

Anonymous said...

Amway also does that with the CDs and tapes. If you are a couple, you can't buy just one CD for both of you to use. You are compelled to buy TWO OF THEM!

They don't even try to give you a rational reason for doing this. They just say "It's required! Never question up-line!"

You don't need to be simply stupid to be in Amway. You also have to be a spineless wimp.