Sunday, March 1, 2020

Fake It But Never Make It?

My upline used to tell the audience to fake it till you make it.  In other words to give the appearance of success to prospects until you actually become successful.  In other words put on a phony show in the hopes that you will be able to attract potential downline who would duplicate your efforts.  On the surface this may sound like a good idea but the bottom line is you are deceiving people that you hope to do business with,

If someone attracted me to a business under fake pretenses, it’s typically called fraud but Amway IBOS get away with it because they generally recruit friends and family who are unlikely to complain    or file any complaints.  The idea is to appear successful even if you’re not.  Sadly fir IBOS, putting up the appearance of success can be costly as you may be wearing a nice suit and watch while you live in debt and paycheck to paycheck.

Thus practice also contributes to Amway’s bad reputation as people eventually realize they may have been duped or mislead about the opportunity.  Add in the bad taste many people get from having wasted time and money on tools and functions and you can see how people can exit Amway feeling like they hit shysted or tricked by someone  they may have trusted.

Add in the fact that there is no true natural progression towards any true success and all you have is an Amway trail littered with dead bodies of people who may have tried to succeed only to fail and lose money.  But failure is not on the IBOS necessarily, because the Amway multi tiered system is designed to have a few ‘pins’ while the vast majority flounder in mediocrity and financial losses.  The outcome is easily predictable and expected to the trained observer.

Until then, Amway IBOs and uplines continue to prey on the hopes and dreams of hopeful people.  People who want to hope and believe that Amway is a shortcut to riches and early retirement.  Sadly it appears that Amway is the opposite.

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Anonymous said...

As a general rule, in every field of endeavor there's a small number of successful types, and a large majority of the less successful and the losers. How many men become major stars in football or basketball? How many women win major beauty contests? How many people become CEOs of big corporations?

This suggests that achievement is largely the result of differences in native ability, and in levels of energy and commitment. Smart and well-motivated people get ahead, while others do not.

The evil of Amway is that this same rule applies to it, but Amway deliberately covers the fact up with lies about how "everyone can be successful" in the scheme. This is simply UNTRUE, as Amway's admitted figure of a 99% failure rate proves. Only ONE PERCENT of Amway IBOs make any profit at all, and of those only a tiny fraction become big pins and Diamonds. The rest are just milked dry of their savings.

Amway has to lie about this, because the success of the big pins and the Diamonds depends directly on bleeding down-line IBOs of as much money as possible. And this can only happen if those down-line IBOs are fed the lie that they too can become millionaires in Amway.