Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Solution To a Failing Business?

I just shake my head when I read about the kinds of advice that Amway IBOS receive from their trusted mentors and upline.   Now let me say that I would have nothing to criticize if diwnljnes were regularly progressing and moving up the ranks and actually making money.  But it’s obvious that most IBOS are spinning their wheels getting nowhere and the only advice that upline seemingly gives  is to spend more money on functions and tools that are already proven to be ineffective.

When most real business owners are cutting expenses or looking at strategies to bring in more revenue, Amway IBOS and uplines are advising people to spend more money on activities that don’t make them money.  Why not just get a pile of cash and burn it?  The result would be the same.  Keep in mind that the upline profits from the sale of tools and functions so it seems pretty dubious that upline would advise struggling fir lives to spend more time and money in things that haven’t worked in the first place.  

What is the real solution to a failing business?  I can’t tell you that but I can tell you that spending more money on things that do not result in more sales and profits is not the solution.  Most dedicated IBOs lose money because of the tools and functions which are not effective in helping IBOS become profitable.  What makes it more insidious is that uplines profit nicely for giving downlinex bad
advice even if their bad advice results in bigger losses.

When it comes to Amway, it seems apparent to me that the only logical solution is to walk away, seek refunds on whatever you can and find another activity to make some income. Sitting at home watching TV is more profitable to most IBOS that actively trying to run an Amway business.

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Anonymous said...

A business can be financially in the red for a little while at first, but it must begin to show a profit fairly soon if it is to considered a viable business. Three years of no profits is insane, and persisting in such a business is utterly insane.

It's different if you are a major petroleum company that is developing a new oil field. OK, in that case it might take several years of testing and development before the field actually begins to produce oil for you. But a big petroleum company with financial resources can handle that.

If you're a dipshit little commissioned salesman in Amway, are you in the same position? Are you going to be able to take losses for five years, as you desperately attempt to recruit a down-line, and sell Amway products to your unwilling relatives and friends?

To all Amway IBOs: Grow the hell up. If you and your little business don't begin to show a profit within a year. it's a waste of time.