Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Problem With Amway?

The reason why (In My Opinion) so many Amway IBOs fail despite being motivated is because the Amway business is fraught with so many obstacles and handicaps.  I'm in my 50's (and retired no thanks to Amway) but I could beat the fastest runner in the world in the 100 meter dash if he had to run 100 meters and I only need to run 30 meters.  I'm not in his class but if I have a big enough handicap, even the fastest man in the world cannot overcome it.  It's like the Amway business.

Let me elaborate in simple language.  Amway products are generic in name and quality but come with premium prices.  Add the bad name reputation that Amway carries and it's easy to see why the vast majority of Amway IBOs fail.  Also keep mind that Amway's multi tiered system is designed to have few winners.  Take the common 6-4-2 plan or some similar version.  It has a bunch of rank and file IBOs with one platinum.  Then they say duplicate that 6 times and you're a diamond.  Sounds simple and easy until you try to actually do it.

The 100 PV is difficult because unless you're a great sales person, consuming that much volume of household products is difficult and often leads to overspending to reach the defacto quota.  Most IBOs self consume because they are taught to do so and they often wind up overspending to reach that 100 PV.  But you must do it so your downline can copy you right?  What BS which brings up my next point.

IBOs are systematically drained of their money by the upline in the form of voicemail, books, standing orders and functions/meetings.   The system is ineffective and the system does not and cannot produce any more success than the 1 out of approximately 100 that is shown in many plans.  Imagine that, you can be in the top 10% of IBOs and you are likely to lose money month after month.  Its because the Amway system is designed that way.   It wouldn't be so bad if not for the blood sucking upline advising people to spend (They call it investing) on their Amway education.

Thus in the end, paying premium prices for generic products and basically working with a company with a bad reputation is already a massive handicap but when you factor in the cost of the upline system of voicemail (who needs voicemail anymore to begin with???), standing orders and audios, books, functions and meetings plus gas and other related expenses and you wind up with the scenario I described in the beginning of this post.  You can be the fastest man on earth but if you give me a 70 meter head start in a 100 meter race, I will win all the time.  In this case the IBOs are the fastest man on earth while Amway is the one with the head start.

That's the entire problem with Amway in my view.  In my numerous years of blogging, not one IBO or prospect has proven me wrong.  Also, not a single IBO who shot off his/her mouth on this blog has ever returned to claim they went platinum or diamond.   Gee, I wonder why that is??


Anonymous said...

Almost no one becomes a Platinum or Diamond in Amway.

Anonymous said...

Joe, please contact Anna Banana and tell her that someone or something is preventing persons from commenting as "Anonymous" on her blog. When you try to do so, your comment is deleted and you are redirected to comment using your Google account.

This may be a hacker, or it may be a ploy by Amway to force all persons posting at her blog to identify themselves.

I've been commenting at Anna's blog for several years now, and all of a sudden I can't post anything.

Anonymous said...

I made it to the platinum level in amway and lost money !!! Spent years in and everybody left because like me they went broke on overpriced products but mostly the con , cult, self serving education system. That's where the money is made