Friday, March 27, 2020

Stay Safe?

I live in Hawaii and our covid 19 cases have reached 120 as of this writing.  If you are involved in Amway, consider taking a break and following the directions of your government leaders.  Do not take unnecessary risk in the name of recruiting downline.   Stay home and do not contribute to the problem.

If your upline is scheduling functions online and charging you, don’t you wonder why you would need to pay when a conference call or online meeting such as using an app would be free and you can’t use the teaching as many states such as mine are in lock down mode where we are only allowed to be our for work, or to get food or to go to medical appointments.

People are being fined for being out and about fir no reason.  You can’t run an Amway business the way things are now.  Stay home and stay safe.  Save your money and think twice before paying your upline for a conference that can be run fir free.  Sure you can argue that they need to get paid fir their time but the question is why they are trying to squeeze money from their down line in a tight economy and a possible looming recession.

Stay safe physically and financially!   😃


Anonymous said...

Holy Shista. I thought about Amway and their meetings amongst Covid, and my thought was they would have had the decency/common sense to shut it down in these times. I didn't think it was possible that they would actually consider Amway meetings right now.

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Anonymous said...

MLMs are focusing on third world countries like India, Philippines and trapping people looking for work by making lofty promises that turn out to be empty and misleading.