Friday, March 6, 2020

The Partner Store Myth?

One of the interesting things that Amway IBOS like to claim us how Amway partners with big name companies like Disney or Nike.  But that’s like saying 7-11 is partnered with CocaCola because 7-11 sells their product.  It’s the same as Amway IBOS.  They might have Nike or Disney products in their  catalogs but calling it a partnership is a stretch.  It’s not like you can buy Amway stuff at Disneyland or Nike town.  That would be a partnership wheee each company sells each other’s products.

Instead, Amway IBOS get to hawk products for these “partner” stores but strictly on a commission only basis.  It’s a great deal to have Amway IBOS sell your stuff for commission only and no fringe benefits.   The “partner” store has nothing to lose.  It’s like having access to a fleet of free sales people who only get paid a little if they sell product but receive nothing unless volume is actually moved.

What Amway folks don’t like to talk about is how Enron and MCI Worldcim were also Amway partners at one time.  IMO, a scam partnering with a scam.  LOL.  So basically the partner program for Amway IBOS is like unrequited love.  In other words it’s all one sided.

In the end, the partner concept might in name bring some credibility to the IBOS story when prospecting new recruits but in the end, you still need to deal with the Amway name and reputation.  Selling a few Nike or Disney products in the Amway catalogs doesn’t make Amway a better business opportunity nor does it tend to make IBOS any more profitable, nor does it make an IBO more likely to succeed.  The partner store concept is just a nice talking point and nothing more.  LOL. 😃


Anonymous said...

Using the absurd word "partnering" is a typical con-job trick. Married people are partners. Two men who run a business jointly are partners. Soldiers in a platoon are partners. Co-workers sharing the tasks of a job are partners. Two cops in a patrol car are partners.

Amway isn't "partnering" with anybody. This is total bullshit, spread by Amway freaks as a way to impress potential recruits.

Does anyone really believe that big corporations like Disney and Nike are going to be "partners" with a dipshit little pyramid scheme like Amway?

kwaaikat said...

Amway's partnerships are irrelevant.

From a business point of view, it matters less who the Amway corporation's partners are, how much money the Amway corporation makes, how long they've been in business or in how many countries they operate. What is on the table is not shares in Amway, but an opportunity to sell Amway's stuff. None of these wonderful things about the Amway corporation, if true, say anything about the opportunity. What is infinitely more important are statistics about the success of about typical business opportunities like the one in question. How much they make, and how many are already in your area (no real business wants to start in a space crowded by others like it that have exactly the same offering). If there is a question to be asked about the supplier, it is whether their products are competitive.

Using the "Amway is wonderful" line of thinking I can argue it's better to sell Coca Cola. They partner with more companies, have a bigger turnover, sponsor more events, operate in more countries and have a longer history. Does that mean selling Coca Cola is a good idea? No, it depends on a lot of factors. But at least way can say products are certainly competitive. Stores selling Coca Cola often proudly display Coca Cola branding. Compare that with the undercover Amway agents, where the very name "Amway" is their biggest problem, so big that they constantly devise no ways to hide it for longer.

This confusion between the Amway corporation and one man business they are supposedly promoting is quite telling. People roped into the Amway networks talk about "joining Amway" in much the same way as "joining an employer". When the business they are promoting is criticised, they respond by citing 10 points on why the Amway corporation is legit. They even use the word "we", proudly saying "we partner with Nike/Disney etc", just like loyal employees do. The misunderstood and oft cited better business bureau endorsement also applies to the Amway corporation, and has to do with the way evaluated corporations acknowledge customer complaints.Yet they mention it in questions about the business opportunity. I can cite more examples, the point is Amway, the corporation, is constantly mixed up with the "own business" that the "independent" business owner supposedly owns. The "partners" is just one of the many ways they mix it up, and one of the ways that show how little IBOs are taught and encouraged to understand anything about business.