Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Owning A Business?

Amway IBOS call themselves business owners but they seemingly know so little about business.  Their knowledge is often clouded by the BS they are fed by their all knowing upline.  Ironically, many IBOS refer to upline as mentors or coaches.  They see nothing wrong with the massive failures that upline produces and most don’t seem to think it’s a problem that many IBOS blame themselves despite following the paid fir arise that they received from upline.

Fir example the upline may sell them on an Amway business by pitching the low cost and low overhead only to have upline later tell them that they need to invest in Amway like any other business.  They are told that Amway can give them quick profits but when those profits don’t materialize they are told that business owners often spend 5 years without making net profits.

The reason why IBOS fall for the upline BS is because they really know little to nothing about actually owning and running a business .  They fall for the upline’s faulty advice and although many make an earnest effort to build their business, Amway is flawed and the upline advice is ineffective and flawed as well,  sadly, the expenses of running an Amway business and the cost of the system can quickly turn into losses of thousands of dollars or tens of thousands and more, depending on the level of dedication.

The way to get around this is for IBOS to track their income and expenses very closely and to run a profit loss analysis weekly or at least monthly.  If there are no real prospects to increase income or reduce expenses, there is no point in continuing to run an Amway business.   If you attend functions, is there a direct relationship between attendance and increased business income?  If not then why attend?  Same goes for other tools such as standing orders.

Quitting Amway is a good business decision if there are no profits and no concrete measurable plans to make a profit. Isn’t profit the reason you started an Amway business in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

No Amway IBO owns a business. It's a total lie. In Amway all you are is a commissioned salesperson who tries to recruit other commissioned salespersons.

If Amway wants to dump you, they can do so in a flash. Could that happen to someone who owns his own business?

You can't even make your own business decisions in Amway. Everything has to be cleared with your up-line. Does that happen with someone who owns his own business?