Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Buy From Yourself?

Buy from yourself us a common teaching spread amongst Amway IBOS and while it makes sense to support your own business, the way it’s taught in Amway almost sounds retarded to a neutral observer.  The idea is to be your own best customer and that a McDonalds owner would not eat at Burger King.   It might sound sensible but in the bigger picture of business, it’s lame.

Nobody ever ran a successful business without real customers.  It might help to support your own business but no matter how much you buy, in the end, all the buyers are just customers of Amway.  So but all you want, Amway appreciates you.  In this sense, you’re just as much of a business owner as someone using a cash back credit card.  The difference is that a cash back card has no minimum quota like Amway and there is no training and functions needed for using a cash back credit card.

Also, the notion that one business owner would not patronize a competitor is silly.  I know people who own food establishments and they frequent other eating places on a regular basis because they get to try new things and see what their competitors are doing.  It’s silly to think that a McDonalds owner will only eat Big Macs the rest of his or her life.

The bottom line is you need a lot of real customers who make purchases in order to make profits and to be able to capitalize on Amway’s bonus scale.   Buying from yourself creates no profit and the fact that you support your business only puts profit in Amway’s coffers.  You think you profit buying from yourself is profitable because upline has fed you thus false doctrine.  When you buy from Amway, they profit and any perceived profit that you made really cane out of your own pocket, much like transferring money from your checking to savings and calling the transfer a profit.

If your upline us teaching this hoax of buying from yourself, read this article again and think twice before paying fir anymore of this type of ridiculous advice.   😃

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Anonymous said...

Buying from yourself is like fucking a mirror.