Friday, September 25, 2020

Amway And Your Cashflow?

 If you’ve ever heard the Amway pitch, they use buzzwords like simple.  Simple doesn’t necessarily mean you can do it or that it’s easy.  Lifting 500 pounds is simple but most people are not capable of doing it.  The same goes for being able to show the plan, sponsor down line and sell Amway products.  So to say Amway is simple might be true but that’s not to say that success is likely, or anymore likely than being able to lift 500 pounds.  

The pitch from the diamond sound good.  They’ll say save money and make money.  Taken at face value, who doesn’t want to make more money or save money?  It sounds good except that it’s not true.  For example I can buy a 8 ounce bottle of Amway shampoo for around $8.00 but I can buy a quart of shampoo at Walmart for a similar price. That’s not to say there are no Amway products if value but overall you will not save by shopping with Amway.  

What you are most likely not told is that joining Amway will probably cause you serious cash flow issues if you join Amway.  In order to move 100 PV or more will cost you about $300 or more and if you are participating in tools and functions, you will likely spend $200 or more to do what upline advises.   That’s $500 a month or more.  

So you need to spend $500 a month or more to participate in Amway in business building mode.  Tell me again how you’re saving or making money?  Moving 100 pv will generally earn you a 3% bonus or about $10.  How are you saving or making money?

Upline will say that’s $10 more than you would have doing nothing.   But that’s not true.  You don’t need tools and functions to buy stuff at retailers.  Since Amway products are not cheap, are you really saving money?   The reality is you are our $500 a month less the products if you join Amway?  We’re you told upfront that yours likely to have serious negative cash flow unless you sponsor an army of down line or unless you’re able to sell a ton of overpriced products?  

I fail to see how upline can stand behind the myth or making or saving money.   Food for thought:  I can earn 1 or 2 percent as a rebate shopping elsewhere with a cash back credit card without a minimum purchase and without needing tools and functions.  I hope this post helps someone.  

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Anonymous said...

Your up-line in Amway always insists that you are NOT ALLOWED TO KEEP A PROFIT-AND-LOSS record of your Amway business. You cannot keep any account of expenditures and income.

Red Flag: Anyone who tells you that you ought to remain ignorant of important information is a con-man and a liar.