Thursday, September 10, 2020

My Upline Is A Mentor?

 One of the humorous things that Amway IBOs talk about us how their upline is some kind of mentor.  I find it humorous because someone standing on a stage makes a no mentor. A mentor has a personal relationship how the person they are helping and they likely spend a great deal of time with the person the are mentoring.  

Another aspect that IBOs overlook is that mentors don’t charge their pupils money for their help.  This is just another BS line that the upline diamonds have dropped one the die line that makes them feel good.  My time spent at functions or large meetings are hardly anything close to resembling mentor ship.  Even if you got to spend some time with your upline diamond, you are still spending money on tools and functions.  A diamond would never give time to an IBO who was not serious enough to invest in tools and functions.  

I’m curious as to what specifics a diamond would teach a die line because the things that IBOs parrot seem to be ridiculous and out in left field, so to speak.  I engaged in a conversation where an IBO told me the facts don’t matter because he has a big dream.  Another IBO told me that even if he’s buying from himself he still made profits because he charged himself full retail price for products, therefore he was profiting.  I mentioned that moving cash from your savings account to your business account is not true profit.  Not to mention that the amount of cash you moved from one account to another is now subject to taxation.  

The diamond’s main theme will always be to get you to participate in the tools and functions because they can profit from you and then because of the sunken cost fallacy, sone IBOs don’t want to quit despite losing money month after month because you’re already invested in the business.  

The fact remains that the relationship between a diamond and IBO is not  mentor ship and student.  The upline is more like a paid consultant that unfortunately has miserable results.  That’s a fact.  


Anonymous said...

The idea that if you buy something from your own store you are making a profit is simply the product of mathematical ignorance, or a certain slowness of mind.

But the idea that big dreams can cancel out reality is purely irrational.

That's the problem with Amway Ambots. They are either mathematically ignorant, slow-witted, or irrational. Usually all three.

Anonymous said...

Still at it Joe Cool ... congrats.
And yet you want your readers to believe Network Marketing is a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you must be joking with Tim Sales:

Here is some of bio, anabolics driven pussy killer focused on rich damsels... Also comments by his former brothers in arms are very interesting.

He is so sure by what he has to say, that he only attacks work of already dead MLM critics. He does not have balls enough, to be confronted...

That is why he says work of Jon Taylor is not correct, though being for years available on FTC web site. He only made the video about his work, shortly after Jon died. What a coward.

Funny is, that he says that Taylors calculations are incorrect, but in his recent videos, he uses the same approaches.

Really lord hee haw...

Anonymous said...

Tim Sales is a bullshit-spouter. He's just the latest attempt by the MLM world to try and deny or deflect the massively documented criticism that has been published against it. Watch his interview with Spencer Cornelia. He never answers a question simply and directly, but just turns to a projection screen and pulls up some irrelevant statistic or detail that serves to cloud the issue.

Anonymous said...

And Cornelia spends most of the interview kissing Tim's ass, or throwing him softball questions. Cornelia himself is a flack for MLM, although he pretends to be a non-partisan "commentator." The video itself is peppered with ads for various MLM rackets, or for advice on how to build a down-line.

Even with the softball questions, Tim Sales looks nervous and uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cornelia pretty dissapointed me, as when he criticised various other business and success preachers, I would never expect him to become MLM advocate. Especially with so much evidence and statistics available.

Btw. some video on Tim:

Funny is, this video has already more views, than any of Tims videos...