Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Where’s The Wealth?

 One thing that Amway diamonds like to do is to show off the diamond lifestyle.  But what is the diamond lifestyle?  Basically, it’s a show of excessive wealth.  Allegedly they fly first class everywhere and stay in five star hotels.  They wear designer clothes and supposedly buy expensive cars and homes all in cash. They come and go as they please and they only work out of love for their down line.  

At least that’s the story they want you to buy when you are at meetings or at functions.  There are poor saps in the audience who want that so badly that they have tears in their eyes because they want it so badly.  It certainly inspires you to try harder and to get your business booming with growth and excitement. 

I hate to break this news to IBOs and prospects but I highly doubt that any diamond lives like that unless they are up to their ears in debt.  But then again showing you a middle class lifestyle wouldn’t quite be as exciting.  How do I know this? Simple, just do the math. 

Amway used to report that an average diamond earns about $150k annually but now Amway days a Q12 diamond earns $600k annually.  However, a Q12 diamond is rare, just a small fraction of the diamonds.  Thus the average diamond likely earns around $150k annually along with income from tools and functions.  Even if they earn another $100k from tools and functions, that an income of about $250k.  

Now that’s a nice income for sure, provided the diamond is currently qualified although Amway doesn’t say who is and who is no longer qualified. Assuming they are qualified, their taxes, medical insurance and other expenses and business expenses likely claims more than half of that income. 

Let’s say a diamond clears $10k per month after all if the expenses I mentioned and believe me I’m being very generous here.  Well, you can’t buy a home in cash on that income so you likely have a mortgage.  If a diamond pays $3000 a month for a mortgage, they have $7000 remaining.  You aren’t buying a sports car in cash.  

If the kids go to a private school, more income is gone.  How much if left for first class travel and five star hotels did fabulous vacations.  I’d say a diamond lives a middle class lifestyle.  I believe some of the higher up pins such as crowns might live better but the rest of the diamonds lifestyle probably would impress you if you saw the truth. 

So where is the Uber diamond wealth?  I don’t know, you tell me. 


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing videos from people flying to Q12 (Achievers) and they would tout about Amway being First Class all the way...and tbeir videos would be of them cooped up flying Economy. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Remember Amway's all-purpose bullshit: "FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!"