Monday, September 21, 2020

What Is An Ambot?

 I’ve heard of a humorous term “ambot” which refers to an Amway IBO, often new but has learned enough to parrot the lines that the upline diamonds feed them. If you’ve ever been prospected for Amway, you probably know what I mean.  The teaching evolves a bit but for the most part, the message remains the same.  Got a while they tried to compare the Amway opportunity to a buyers club but later it evolved into e-commerce.  

The diamonds will teach you to consume tools and functions like your life depended on it.  What happens is the teaching and “fake” relationships you form almost become like a drug that you feel the need to maintain.  Nothing is better than a pat on the back from the upline diamond right?  IBOs develop a desire to get recognition from the diamond.  

In the meantime, the group of IBOs are taught to show adulation towards the higher ups, almost as if the diamond is a cult leader to be worshipped. The IBOs all dress alike, often buying things from the Amway catalog.  It really is as if the diamonds are just making clones out of the faithful down line.  If you step back and view it from a neutral perspective, it’s actually quite funny.   Another aspect can be an irrational zeal for products such as toilet paper or cleaning products  

But the reality is the Amway sales force is often an army of mind numbed robots all acting, dressing and parroting lines taught at functions, meetings and on recorded audios.  They are often sleep deprived because uplines love to hold late night meetings as a way to test your loyalty.  They say you can sleep when you go diamond.  

So there you have it.  A brief but fairly concise definition of an Ambot.   The sad thing is once someone gets indoctrinated, you really can’t help them and they’ll have to see the light and snap out of it on their own.  Debating with them only makes them dig in harder because by now they will also have developed an irrational loyalty to the upline over long time friends and family 

This would be funnier if it weren’t so sad and so true. 

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Anonymous said...

The term "Ambot" was created as a combination of the words "Amway" and "robot." When you are brainwashed by your Amway up-line, you lose your human identity and become something very much like an android -- a programmed machine that makes predictable movements and speeches.

Persons trapped in Amway are really like robots. They have no power of personal decision, no freedom of choice, no logical thought. They can only parrot what their up-line tells them to say. They cannot have any independence of mind. They can't even control their own time or money or family matters, without consulting their stupid up-line. Up-line directs all aspects of your life, like a puppet master holding the strings of a puppet.

Amway up-line uses a certain word when describing IBOs who aren't obedient. They call them "unteachable" or "uncoachable." This means that the IBO still maintains his intellectual independence, or asks too many questions, or shows insufficient slavishness towards up-line. In short, the IBO is still a thinking and rational human being. That is something that Amway will not tolerate.

The more important point is this: All this robotic control that turns IBOs into androids is necessary to fit into the planned failure of nearly 99% of Amway members. The IBOs have to be brainwashed to think that, unless they follow every single command of up-line exactly, their failure is THEIR OWN FAULT. So when these IBOs do fail, the ready-made excuse of up-line is "You didn't do things exactly right! If you had obeyed us, you'd be rich now!" Then these IBOs can be dismissed as "losers," and the steady churn of new recruits into Amway can continue, repeating the cycle over and over.

This is why the only sure procedure for destroying Amway is to BREAK THE RECRUITING CYCLE. Stop the "churn" of new members into the racket. The anti-Amway blogs have gone very far in implementing this procedure. Joe Cool, Anna Banana, David Brear, and many others have put a major dent in the North American operations of the Amway scam. We have to hope now that the same thing starts to happen in foreign countries.