Thursday, September 17, 2020

Diamonds Rolling In Dough?

 Most rank and file IBOs and prospects assume that the diamonds are Uber wealthy and they roll in dough and the cash is endless.  I believe they are badly mistaken. Amway reports that a Q 12 diamond earns around $600k from Amway.  But a Q12 diamond means they qualified at the level for all 12 months in Amway’s fiscal year.  Q12 diamonds make up only a small fraction of Amway diamonds 

Most Amway diamonds do not qualify Q 12.  Amway used to report that an average diamond earns about $150k annually in earnings and bonus say that diamond also earns a respectable $100k from tools and functions.  Now $250k is a great income but after taxes, medical insurance and other normal monthly expenses, let’s say a diamond clears $10,000 a month.  Now that’s still a nice income.  

But $10,000 a month does not allow someone with a family to purchase a house in cash, or even a top of the line Mercedes Benz for that matter.  Even traveling first class every time you travel might put a strain on the budget.  It would not allow you to enjoy a jet set lifestyle that diamonds commonly portray at meetings and functions.  

The picture is see more realistically is diamonds living a middle to upper middle class lifestyle with running functions and building the Amway business as their main occupation. Now that may not sound as glamorous as the diamond lifestyle that is displayed at functions s but it looks more realistic than what you see at functions.  In fact, diamonds who try to constantly show off wealth and luxury could easily wind up in debt despite having what looks like a nice income 

Many Americans live in debt.  Having a large income doesn’t prevent that.  Sone diamonds who had their incomes revealed in the past have shown to be living in debt including a triple diamond who filed chapter 7 bankruptcy about 10 years ago.  But on the other hand, promoting Amway as a way to earn a middle class lifestyle probably won’t be as effective as the illusion of a diamond lifestyle.  

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