Sunday, September 6, 2020

Amway Numbers?

 The Amway opportunity is often sold to prospects with false hopes and dreams. The diamonds, some who may actually be in debt, are telling you that you can achieve financial freedom via Amway, along with untold wealth if you will do as they advise.  Of course they never prove that they are wealthy. You might see photo copies of checks or slide shows of wealth. 

But what is the reality?  What are the numbers?  It seems that Amway obfuscates their numbers do you don’t really get a straight answer. You have to extrapolate in order to make some conclusions.  

First off, Amway sales have been fairly stagnant and that’s prior to covid. Covid will likely make it worse. But here are some numbers.  The average IBO earns around $200 a month, but that’s if you don’t count the IBOs who don’t do anything, thus the real average is about $100 a month and that includes diamonds and other big shots, although it does not factor in annual bonuses.  But then again rank and file IBOs do not get large annual bonuses.  

Some figures may have changed but approximately 1 in 400 IBOs attain the level of gold which is where you allegedly break even if you are also involved in tools and functions. About 1 in 20,000 or so go diamond and maintaining the level is another story, 

But the important numbers are this; if you are a CORE IBO and buy your 100 PV and attend all functions, you likely spend $500 or more (and even more for couples) each month fir your products and your “training”.  In return you earn an Amway check of about $10 which is a huge net loss each month unless you have down line to absorb the losses for you.  

Amway might seem like you financial solution until to really look at the numbers.  

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Anonymous said...

I don't see how anyone with an elementary education in simple math could get involved in a racket like Amway. It makes no financial sense at all. Can't these people count?