Sunday, September 20, 2020

Get Rich Slow?

 One of the lies told by upline diamonds is how Amway is not a get rich quick scheme. That more likely you’ll get rich slow in Amway.  They likely say that because to come out and say Amway is get rich quick would raise skepticism from many people.  Amway already raises skepticism from some of the teaching of upline diamonds but they are careful about this issue.  

But what do you call it when the opportunity is sold as 2-5 years, build it right and you can be financially free for life living on residual income and being able to retire at a very young age.  2-5 years sounds like a get rich quick pitch to me.  No other business opportunities other than other MLMs make this kinds of projections.  

But the fact of the matter is that it is highly unlikely that you will even make a net profit in Amway, let alone build a business that generates wealth.  Most IBOs do little or nothing and wind up quitting. How do you build a business that generates residual income under these conditions?  The answer is you don’t.  

Think of Amway IBOs as customers at an amusement park.  They buy a ticket and get on a ride.  Some are satisfied and get off the ride and go elsewhere.  Some get hooked and continue to buy more tickets to ride again.  In the end the riders may have had some fun, some may get motion sickness but in the end, the diamonds are like the ride operators who make money off the rides but Amway is like the owner of the amusement park who owns the rides.  

In the end the upline diamonds don’t really care who comes and goes as long as there are new people flowing into the business.  The diamonds know that most won’t do much but they hope they will buy sone products and audios and attend a few functions.  The upline will also praise their core die hard IBOs who supply them with a regular income.  

But in my opinion, other than the folks who own Amway, few are truly rich and that includes the diamonds.  They might earn some nice incomes but showing off a diamond lifestyle can be very expensive and spending what you make doesn’t make anyone rich.  Do the math and it will be crystal clear.  

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