Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Amway: Failure By Design?

 It’s no secret that people fail in droves in the Amway businesses.  The diamonds will say they didn’t try hard enough or they didn’t follow instructions correctly or they make up other excuses that blame the victims.  It’s sad because many IBOs are hard working and motivated people but when this is designed for failure. Well, that’s what you get.  

The Amway business is designed to fail.  Let me explain. Amway products are generic in nature.  Some products are decent and some suck, but there’s nothing special about Amway products overall but they come at a premium price.  Who wants to buy generic nature products for premium prices? And worse, how do you sell the generically natured products for premium prices?  

If that’s not enough, the diamonds exploit the down line by selling them and endless supply of training.  Now training would be fine if the training was effective but instead Amway’s own disclosures show that only a small fraction of 1% ever reach the level of platinum.  And platinum is the level where you allegedly start to make actual profits.  

All of these handicaps added to a business opportunity that has a bad name reputation and you have an opportunity like swimming the English Channel with an anchor around your necks.  It amazes me that the scam has gone on fir so long.  I’m glad I’ve been able to keep running this blog to provide information and my personal experiences so information can be found and shared so prospects can make informed decisions about whether to join Amway or not.  

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Anonymous said...

The idea that training has to be endless and perpetual should be a red flag to anyone thinking of signing up in Amway.

In any real business, you become adept at the job within six months to a year, and sometimes even sooner. There are some specialized fields (like medicine or engineering) where you do need to keep up with new developments. But even in those fields, your general expertise doesn't disappear, and you don't need "refresher" courses.

The entire purpose of endless "training" in Amway is mercenary. Up-line just wants a steady flow of tool-money to come to them.