Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Fake It Till You Make It?

 One of the really funny things I heard as an IBO was to fake it till you make it.  The upline meant we were to appear successful because eventually we would someday be successful as long as we don’t quit.  What it really meant was to lie and misrepresent the Amway business in order to give the appearance of being successful even if you’re not.  

Thus you might see an Amway meeting or function where everyone is dressed up in business attire which gives the appearance of success but if you attend the event early, you’ll see IBOs driving up in old clunkers, sone look like their cars are on their last legs.  But it’s amazing that the dreams that they were sold is enough to fuel their desire to build Amway. 

Rank and file IBOs really have little to no credibility thus the upline will commonly issue a photo copy of some large bonus check that someone may have received.  The check is no indication of success and the person receiving the check may not have even made a net profit but it all fits into the fake it till you make it narrative.  

The sad part fir nearly all IBOs is they will fake it but never make it.  The math behind Amway success is dismal at best.  The common 6-4-2 plan shows a group of 79 IBOs, all of who moved 100 PV (which is impossible) and one guy is at 7500 PV and the rest are at various other lower levels. Amway’s own disclosures, last I saw indicates that .26% of IBOs go platinum or about 1 in 400.  

At the end of the day. You can fake it but you won’t make it.  A few people do break through nearly impossible odds to achieve diamond here and there but the numbers of diamond achievers are statistically insignificant.  Good luck to you if you’ve read this and still sign up for Amway. 

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Anonymous said...

The business suits may indeed be part of the "Fake it till you make it" policy, but the bigger reason is CONFORMISM. You are expected to think, speak, and dress alike when you are in Amway.