Thursday, September 3, 2020

Success Is Around The Corner?

 I recall being taught to never give up and never quit in Amway.  They would tell stories of perseverance and feel good stories about people who would hang in there and eventually succeed like the story of Rudy, which was portrayed in a movie.   Or they would talk about a fierce competitor like a Michael Jordan who would never quit. They would keep fighting,   You are to never quit because success might be right around the corner and you might quit just a little bit too soon, so keep going!  

But Sports is not the same as a business.  Rudy was on the Notre Dane football yeah but he never got much playing time even if the ending of the movie might have been inspiring.  Michael Jordan would never quit but he was still in teams that lost games.  But the Amway business isn’t a sport and having the never quit attitude is nice but if you aren’t making a profit and the prospects of improving is not good, the. It’s just a bad business decision to never quit.  

Like Michael Jordan might have been on teams that lost games, his team could regroup and win the next game. The same can be said if a business.  If you’re not profiting and cash flow negative, sometimes the best thing to do is to close up and do something else.  After all, the objective is to make money.  It doesn’t have to be exclusively from Amway.  There are many other opportunities that you can explore and experiment with, even if that might be a job.  

The diamonds try to imbed in your mind that only they Amway can you build wealth and riches.  That’s incredibly false.  You don’t even know if your upline diamond is wealthy.  You assume they are wealthy because you’ve been told they are but they don’t disclose any information that would demonstrate that they are wealthy.  They could be up to their ears in debt.  Many Americans are in debt.  Why would diamonds who flaunt a lavish lifestyle be any different?  It’s not secret that many wealthy people don’t act it and the opposite is also true, that broke people can try to act wealthy. 

And why not?  You could be a broke rank and file IBO but you are to wear a suit to meetings to portray an image of success.  Who’s to say the diamonds don’t do the same thing but with a few more expensive props?   Showing photo copies of big checks are not a reliable indicator of success but your upline wants you to believe it is. 


Anonymous said...

All Amway Diamonds are in debt, or at least have extended their financial commitments far beyond what is sensible.

They are compelled to do this, in order to project the image of jet-set affluence. But in fact they are up to their eyeballs in financial liability.

None of the low-level IBOs would remain in the Amway racket if they didn't see the fake glitz and glamour of the Diamond lifestyle. It's phony, but it is essential to the maintaining of the Amway illusion.

Anonymous said...

In Amway, the only thing that is "around the corner" for an IBO is bankruptcy.