Saturday, September 19, 2020

Amway Recruiting?

 If you’ve ever been in Amway or have been associated with Amway folks, you probably know that it’s primarily about recruiting down line. I believe a lot of people get prospected and think you can make money by selling products which is true, but because your upline makes more money by recruiting down line, that becomes the emphasis.  

Amway products are for the most part generic in nature but premium in in price, making it difficult to sell anything other than to sympathetic friends and families.  This is why it is common for IBOs to be taught the common “buy from yourself” concept where you primarily consume products from your own business and get others to do the same. Some upline cleverly called this a buyers club like Costco but that’s a faulty comparison.  

As a Costco member I am not out recruiting other members for Costco.  Neither Costco or Amway compensates you to recruit members so why does it happen in Amway?  It’s because IBOs understand that to attain levels such as platinum or diamond, you need to have downline and plenty of them because you are credited for their volume as well as yours so it’s possible to parlay that into larger bonuses.  

Where this plan fails us that Amway has a spotty reputation which makes recruiting and retaining downline a big challenge in itself. Another failure is Amway’s own disclosures admit that about half of registered IBOs do absolutely nothing.  And then out of those who have some activity, they are likely to quit in less than a year anyway.  

Even if you could manage to sponsor a new downline each month the likelihood of you making a net profit is highly unlikely if you participate in the tools and functions.  The diamonds who claim they are free and live in leisure with loads of money are actually quite busy running around replacing IBOs who quit so they can maintain their levels. If not they might miss out on bonuses and for sure the income from tools and functions would disappear without new people coming into the system. 

Behind the Amway curtain, it’s all about recruiting and little else.  Once you understand the concept it’s all very clear.   


Anonymous said...

This is so true! I have a friend who's been in Amway for over 2 years made nothing. He firmly believes, he will retire in it. Not sure, how I can talk him out of it- since he's so brainwashed. Upline is like God to him, how to help him find a wife, how to do budget, how to use his time. It's quite sickening actually. Would you have any advice on how to de-brainwash my friend?


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 10:10 PM --

You have to understand that Amway is a RELIGION, not a business. The control that up-line has over lowly IBOs like your friend is deeply cult-like, comparable to Scientology or The People's Temple. A dedicated Amway IBO is like a zombie.

If he has been in for two years, he's likely a lifer and you can't help him. All you can hope is that he goes totally broke and finally sees the kind of con-game he's been sucked into.

Anonymous said...

Amway's reputation is not "spotty." It's gangrenous.